Females in club culture from the east to the west

How is the club culture for Females in the middle east? Is there a need for safe space in clubs in gerneral? Is there any Dj females in middle east? Is there any offers/space for women to learn  Dj-ing? You missed attending the Podume discusstion by Djversty about Feminismus in der Musik- & Clubkultur ?

In our show we talked about the uncommen topic which was women role  reflected by many cultures. We shared with you our point of view on females Dj-ing in middle east. Dj Shamsa an example DJ Shamsa (شمسه) is Jordanian Farah Albi Tar’s musical project that is demolishing the electronic music scene in Berlin.

We reported about the Dj workshop which was made by Djversity in Halle on 02.02.2019.  We discussed the Club setuations and women role and why we think its like that.  There was after the Dj worshop a Panel discusstion on Djversity event with Kollektiv böse und gemein – Konzerte from Dresden also  Feat. Fem from Leipzig. They both talked about What feminsim means to them.

The show is mainly in english and a bit german.

Events we can recommend:

23. Februar 2019 / Berlin / Mensch Meier / Junoon – by La6izi & Arab*Underground / Club nigth

23. May 2019 / Leipzig / Werk 2 / A-Wa / Konzert

Sounds recommandation:

To listen to the Panel discusstion from Djversity on 02.02.2019:


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