Musical Episode and Happy Eid

Today’s episode is all about Music – we had a guest in our show, a dear friend of one of the Common Voices members, Zindi. She shared with us some of her favourite music from bands we do not usually hear in a radio. So we invited her because we love to play the unusual  music in our radioshow.

And we played for you some oldies – seventies funk music from different arabic countries that are collected on the album Habibi Funk and other arabic music that is not really known and explained little bit about it.

Feel free to ask us which music you would like to know the name of or more information you would like to know.

We also shared with you  greetings and invitations  from our Common Voices members for the Eid Fest in Peißnitzhaus, Saturday 4 p.m.

The eposide is in English with a little bit of German.  Enjoy it 🙂


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