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Movies night with “Hush girls dont scream” and “Echoes”

Part 1 Hush girls dont scream – هیس دخترها فریاد نمیزنند

We worked hard to introduce you a taugh topic which is not much media talking about it.  We gathered alot of information and resources for you. We discussed about how socity  is reacting to the topic childrape or Child harrasment and womansright in different  countries and also interduced the movie (Hush girls dont scream). This show is in farsi and english.

سخت برای جمع آوری اطلاعات برای این برنامه سعی کردیم چرا که موضوعی سخت و باب میل همه ی رسانه ها نمیباشد!در این برنامه در رابطه با عکس العمل جامعه در رابطه با ازارجنسی کودکان و زنان در کشورهای مختلف و همچنین معرفی فیلم هیس دخترها فریاد نمیزنند صحبت میشود!این برنامه به انگلیسی و فارسی میباشد.

Wildwasser e.v. Halle

Part 2: ECHOES- film 

We brought to you the interview from the Echoes film and some interesting review from our group members.

The film is made by Gabriele Cipolla
with Davide Agnolazza e Mohammed JJO
production: Radio NoBorder / #OVERTHEFORTRESS / Macao

Film review : With the intensification of the migratory crisis caused by the war in Syria, Hungary, Serbia and Macedonia close their borders to thousands of people fleeing, breaking an ancient migratory route: the Balkan route. In Greece, along the barbed wire of the Macedonian border, men, women and children gather in camps, in huge self-managed tent cities, where NGOs, volunteers and activists are challenging the game of mafias of human traffickers.
Echoes shows a limbo in which the desperation of a pending future contrasts with a vital and stubborn resistance, focusing her gaze on the day before the eviction of Eko Station, the last remaining informal camp in northern Greece. Through the frequencies of a pirate radio, words and rebel songs echo in the silence imposed by the Fortress Europe.

Our show is by Language: English, German.

we also brought to you a discussion with the director and members of Club Al-Hakawati ( Stefano Danieli ).